Our Year 6 children found the Banking Game an exciting and fun way to learn about personal banking and improve their mathematics skills
Sara Morris
Headteacher, Oakmeadow Primary School , Wolverhampton

The Banking Game has been designed for teachers by a fellow professional

The challenge of teaching maths to young children is common to all schools. A tool that helps you make the lessons interesting, practical, relevant to your National Curriculum and above all fun is extremely valuable. Of course it has to be cost effective and designed to use over and over again with every generation of children you teach.

Teaching maths to young children – Building on experience

Alan Blank has 25 years experience as a teacher and developed The Banking Game for his own use initially. He has built a teachers pack which has already been used by over 300 schools in the UK.

Practical, approved and tested

The Banking Game provides a practical series of lessons (upto a week of lessons) that has been tried and tested over many years by both the designer and 300 other teachers. It has been refined by people in the profession. It has quality approval from pfeg, part of Young Enterprise and is a fun way to learn maths and specifically, personal finance.

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